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"Food for thought"

Many keep a fish bowl at home, some have tropical fish. This bowl does not have fish, but rather a couple of humpback whales. And they get hungry! Twice a day humpbacks consume about 2,200 - 2,750 pounds of Krill, plankton and small fish. Now that is food for thought.

Space Needle

At the Bite Of Seattle Festival, we were setup directly beneath the Space Needle. There we were, right down under the Needle with Tim holding his painting, "Down Under." How could I not take this picture?


Tim created this painting in 1979. Sharon still loves it, and is thinking of having Tim create additional paintings, one to go on each side to compliment it. This is of the south tip of Whidbey Island. Thanks Sharon, what a beautiful classic.


Artists need people to appreciate their work. We are very lucky to have many, many collectors all over the world. And we THANK YOU for your support. Every compliment and "I'll take that one!" encourages Tim in his work creating and painting.


Sometimes the Art Gods are not happy, my friends! This torrential downpour in Tempe, AZ was the death knell for the show. Rain is not the best thing for artwork, and it seems that people don't much like it, either. But the show will (almost) always go on!