Original Wistrom Paintings

Tim has been painting for over 40 years and has always used acrylic paint on canvas. Each canvas is custom stretched, triple primed, and upon completion is coated with a protective clear finish, which insures the life and clarity of the painting - it will not fade or discolor. Unless otherwise noted, each painting is sold unframed and pre-wired, ready to hang.

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"Diving Buddies" Original Painting


This is a new surrealistic painting that includes the Space Needle, a recurring monument in
Tim's works. The detail in this original does not show up well in this photo, but there's definitely
a ton of the detail for which Tim is so well known. This view of an alternative future shows
a couple of divers, following a humpback whale, playing in and out the remnants of the
Space Needle. This is a somewhat the opposite view from another recent painting,
"Train of Thought," in which the downed Space Needle is above the water.

Diving Buddies
Price: $2,200.00