Mixed-Media Paintings

Tim creates numerous original paintings each year, but only picks a few to reproduce. Nancy Wistrom creates all the reproductions, having spent 6 years studying art, printing, photography and color theory, and framing. In keeping with the high quality demanded by the artist, these canvas images are on archival Fine Art Canvas, using archival printers inks. Tim then hand stretches each canvas onto forming bars, and uses acrylic paint to individually enhance and add detail, and a little something unique, to each image. The next step is a clear protective finish, and finally framing. These are offered framed, unless otherwise noted. Unframed Mixed-Media Paintings are offered under the "Prints" tab. Click on any of the images below for details and ordering information.

"Train Of Thought" Mixed-Media Paintings


During his career, Tim has created numerous surrealistic scenes including the Space Needle and the Monorail, often under water. "Train of Thought" sends the viewer into a future where our structures and monuments are left to rust and decay on a quite different landscape. Perhaps humans have moved on to a new existence.

Mixed-media Paintings are on Canvas.
Prices are for unframed images.

Train of Thought
Price: $440.00