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My two Wistroms

I have my two Wistroms in the kitchen. The painting on the left is a nighttime scene (untitled) looking at Tucson from the Saguaro National Park. On the right is "The Goddess Of The Sea." Thanks Tim, I am amazed by your talent every time I look at them.

Is it done?

There is always so much detail that goes into a painting that Tim likes to take a step back, have a glass of wine, and contemplate the entire painting. He'll look at it, we'll talk about it, he'll sleep on it, and often he'll make some changes before it is really done.

Fred Wins!

Our Spring 2012 Studio Open House was held in the Marina on Portage Bay (Seattle). We had a drawing over the weekend and the winner took home these two original Wistrom Mini Paintings. Congratulations Fred!