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Artists need people to appreciate their work. We are very lucky to have many, many collectors all over the world. And we THANK YOU for your support. Every compliment and "I'll take that one!" encourages Tim in his work creating and painting.


Sometimes the Art Gods are not happy, my friends! This torrential downpour in Tempe, AZ was the death knell for the show. Rain is not the best thing for artwork, and it seems that people don't much like it, either. But the show will (almost) always go on!

Tim & Nancy Set Up A Show

Setting up a show is a good two hours of physical labor, sometimes in pouring rain, often in early morning darkness. Afterwards, Tim and Nancy are exhausted from all that schlepping, building, hanging, and arranging. But they are ready to meet everyone with fine art and big smiles.


Early in his career, before prints were allowed at shows, Tim did lots of shows that were 5 days long. During those long days he would paint while at the shows. He actually enjoyed that, getting instant feedback from his work, and to this day he will often paint right at a show.


As with any project that requires many hours of concentratrion, when Tim completes a painting there is always a sigh of contentment. And maybe a few nibbles at his brush (but I really do feed him regularily).


Sometimes ya just gotta relax. After a series of shows in Arizona 2016, we got to spend time with family - on their boat in Arizona! Thanks Bryan & Valerie, what a fun time.