Ballard Seafood Fest - Traffic Update

Ballard Seafood Fest - Traffic Update

HiHi! The Ballard SeafoodFest is coming up and we're looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday and Sunday! The weather will be perfect, and we will be in our regular location on Market Street. Come see tons of new paintings, as well as some of the classics.

So that's all good (even GREAT). And here's the BUT...........

Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has informed us about upcoming I-5 Northbound lane closures this weekend that will impact traffic in the are. Please see the message below, regarding the lane clousres:

If people are coming from south of Seattle, their best bet would be to take SR 99 to avoid the closure. Depending on where exactly they are coming from they might have to take SR 509 or SR 518 to get to SR 99 and to the festival. Those more familiar with the area will probably try to get to Elliott Ave to 15th Ave W up into Ballard.

It's important to note that the ramp from I-405 to northbound I-5 (South Center area) will be closed and anyone coming from the southeast will encounter a good amount of backup when crossing over from the east side using I-90 and I-405. Drivers can also go north on I-405 and take SR 520 to go west and onto northbound I-5 but SR 520 does have a toll associated that drivers should be aware of.

Here's a link to the page where people can find specifics on the closure as well as a map: <>"